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need for speed underground 2 apk

Need for Speed Underground 2 Mobile is a direct continuation of the Need for Speed: Underground game released in 2003, which is part of the film popularity of the Fast and the Furious series and fascination with illegal car racing, turned out to be a huge commercial success and one of the highest-rated hits of the Need for Speed series so far. The Canadian branch of Electronic Arts, responsible for the series since its inception, is responsible for creating the game again. Like the previous part of the series, Need for Speed Underground 2 Android appeared on a wide range of hardware platforms, including PCs, Xbox, and PlayStation 2 consoles and Nintendo portable and desktop consoles.

Need for Speed Underground 2 Mobile Trailer

Need for Speed Underground 2 Plot

Need for Speed Underground 2 Android was set in a brand new Bay View city. However, the game’s plot is a direct continuation of the events shown in the previous installment of the series. Undefeated in Olimpic City (the city from the first part of the game), the hero becomes uncomfortable for his former opponents who decide to get rid of him once and for all. After six months of rehabilitation, our protagonist goes to the hospital and decides to take revenge on his torturer. To this end, he goes to the Bay above View, a real paradise for all tuning geeks and illegal street races. There, he gains the favor of manager Rachel Teller (played by Brooke Burke) and the former girlfriend of his antagonist Caleb – Nikki Morris (played by Kelly Brook).

Need for Speed Underground 2 Mobile Gameplay

The mechanics of the game in Need for Speed Underground 2 Mobile is a significant development of most of the solutions known from the predecessor. At the same time, the developers put a lot more freedom of fun here, typical, e.g., the Grand Theft Auto or Driver series. We can freely explore the darkened metropolis, divided into five large-sized districts during the game, to which we gain successively as the Need for Speed Underground 2 Android progresses. In addition to participating in subsequent races related to the story layer of the game, we can also challenge other dueling drivers accidentally encountered and independently discover exciting places, such as locations of stores with car parts or gathering places for enthusiasts of illegal races.

Compared to the original, several completely new game modes have appeared in the game. In addition to the variants typical for the genre, such as Sprint, Circuit, Drag or Drift, we can also check in several unusual modes, e.g., Outrun (a race without a fixed route, in which we have to move away from the rival for at least 300 meters), Showcase (ride on time to a particular place but without a route imposed from above), Street-X (short distance lap race, taking place on tracks used for Drift) and URL, i.e., Underground Racing League (consisting of several races struggling six drivers at a road or airport ).

How to download and install Need for Speed Underground 2 APK?

  • Download Need for Speed Underground 2 APK by clicking the download button for your OS system
  • Open the NeedforSpeedUnderground2.apk, and you will receive a pop up with “For security, your phone is set to block the installation of apps obtained from unknown sources.”
  • So after that, you need to go to settings and allow the installation to begin
  • Once installation finishes you will get a fully playable game on your device